Michael Heinzl has worked in the beverage industry since 1991. Originally, after completing his education in a technical area, he managed his parents’ vineyard. Here, he went through all of the phases from vines to fermentation technology and filling to marketing of the wines with a national and international platform.
With the initial success of energy drinks in Austria, the general need for functional beverages became tangible.
In the following years, Michael Heinzl obtained advanced training in the beverage, food technology and foodstuff law in order to be able to offer the growing number of people interested in such beverages, both domestically and abroad, professional services in all areas from product development to beverages of all kinds.

Since then, BeverageScouts has become one of the leading suppliers in the area of „private label drinks“.
The know-how from more than 20 years of work, coupled with a high degree of flexibility in all technical areas is a guarantee for the technical implementation of your very personal beverage project.


Michael Heinzl