The “Functional Drinks” segment has become increasingly popular and offers an unimaginable range of product ideas and applications. Whether it is an energy shot, vitamin shot, slim shot, coffee shot, tanning shot or beauty shot, our 60ml bottles made of PET or R-PET plastic with screw caps and safety rings are definitely the right choice. Our bottles can be fully or partially sleeved. In addition, a large number of packaging options is available.

Talk to us about your idea. We are happy to help you with the implementation.

If there is potential behind your product concept, we would be happy to develop a suitable recipe for you.
The standard filling is in transparent 60ml bottles made of PET plastic. Bottles made of R-PET (made from 100% recycled material) and white PET bottles are also available.

The filled bottles are either fully or partially sleeved.
A number of standard counter displays are available as secondary packaging, which are then overpacked in master cartons for transport.
Photos of the variants mentioned can be found below.


The bottles can either be fully or partially sleeved.

The following standard packaging options are available: