Product Development

The segment for "functional" drinks has been growing steadily for several years. We offer all possibilities you can imagine. Because we have worked in this area for more than 20 years, we have excellent relationships with ingredient suppliers. This applies to both drink ingredients as well as vitamin and herbal mixtures.


Here are just a few representative ideas:

  • Energy Drinks (our main focus)
  • Beverages to boost the sense of well-being
  • Vitamin drinks
  • Drinks for relaxation and healthy sleep
  • Aphrodisiac beverages

In the following video you will get valuable information about the process of product development by BeverageScouts

Chose one of our questionnaires:

Product development for filling of beverages into aluminium cans

Product development for filling of beverages / dietary supplement into 60ml PET-bottle



Product Label

Due to continuously changing laws and guidelines, in the area of product labelling it is important to always stay current. We work with specialists to ensure that your product is correctly labelled within the EU.
In many countries outside of the EU, often complicated permit processes are required. Also here we will provide support by creating the experts reports which are required for these certification processes ourselves or have them created by the corresponding institutes or authorities.

Also, certifications by the notary or the respective embassy are required. We can also take care of these channels for you.

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Graphic & Design

Our graphic department can take over the design of your brand on request. If you want to take care of the design yourself, we have derived a lot of valuable tips from our experience which should be followed so that a print onto the respective packaging is technically feasible without problem.