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Once a recipe is ready and approved by you, there are the following possibilities for filling your product in aluminum cans:
On our special micro-filling line we can produce a trial order of 20.000 cans up to a maximum of 50.000 cans of the sizes 250ml Slim and 330ml Sleek. These cans are labelled with high-quality labels in a second step after the filling process.

For directly printed cans we offer the following two options:

  1. Bottling in Austria:
    The minimum order quantity for directly printed cans and therefore the filling is 150.000 cans per product and order for 250ml, 330ml and 500ml can sizes.
  2. Bottling in neighbouring EU countries:
    The minimum order quantity here is 150.000 cans per product and order,with the option of a split filling of 75,000 cans each, whereby the second filling must take place within 6 months of the first filling.

In accordance with the manufacturer of the empty can bodies, the warranty for beverage cans is limited to 12 months from the date of filling. This concerns the general technical suitability of the beverage cans, but not the best before date of the filled product (= beverage), which has to be determined.

We clearly want to mention that BeverageScouts is primarily a beverage filling company. We offer the development of recipes as an additional service. We do not offer the development of recipes without subsequent filling at BeverageScouts. A recipe developed for you will of course only be used for you. You will receive all the relevant information that is required to sell your product. In the recipes developed by us, components are used that we manufacture ourselves or which we purchase exclusively. Products with a recipe developed by us can therefore not be produced independently of BeverageScouts.