Product development - Filling shots

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4. Notes for shot filling

Once a recipe is ready and approved by you, we can fill the product into 60ml PET or R-PET bottles (100% recycling material).
The minimum order quantity for a regular production run is 50.000 bottles
Please find pictures of the bottles, as well as the different possibilities for labels/sleeves and standard packaging options on our website.

For the production process of shots we use High Temperature Short Time Pasteurisation and subsequent cold filling. For this cold filling process the use of preservatives or cold desinfectants is necessary for technical reasons. Therefore we are not able to produce organic products.

We usually give a 12-month warranty for fillings on our regular system. Slight deviations or changes in taste and color of the product during storage period are normal and cannot be avoided.

We clearly want to mention that BeverageScouts is primarily a beverage filling company. We offer the development of recipes as an additional service. We do not offer the development of recipes without subsequent filling at BeverageScouts. A recipe developed for you will of course only be used for you. You will receive all the relevant information that is required to sell your product. In the recipes developed by us, components are used that we manufacture ourself or which we purchase exclusively. Products with a recipe developed by us can therefore not be produced independently of BeverageScouts. A recipe developed on your behalf will of course only be used for you. However, you will not receive any information about the suppliers of the raw materials.